Out For A Paddle!

High jinx in an inflatable dingy. A large stope full to adit level

Half a kilometre along the adit is a fine stope.
The adit is remarkably dry.
The faint light is my headlamp at the end of the stope, there is about 80-100 foot of roof space above.
Old rotten timbers partly blocking a continuation of the adit and another smaller stope.

Tregoss Moor And Goss Moor Alluvial Cassiterite

Alongside the A30 with Belowda Beacon to the North and Clay Country to the South is a large flat marshy area where in the 1800’s and before Cassiterite was dug from beneath the peaty soil.
It had been bought down over millennia from the granite mass to the South and from the Northern granite exposure .

These specimens come from the William Serjeant collection circa 1880.The bottom specimen looks to have originated form the Southern granite mass and is from Goss Moor. The remaining two from Tregoss Moor are more likely to have come from the North.

Another scratched lens!!