2014 Review

January started off with gale force winds and torrential rain.  The river was over its bank and thundering down towards Looe – normally in the winter we get a few jobs done around the buildings but the generally mild strong south westerly’s and heavy rain carried on through to March. I have never seen so much water in the Engine Shaft, luckily there were no collapses!

They say the weather equals itself out over time and we were treated to a fabulous summer, this more than made up for the dreadful winter conditions.  We made good progress digging in the tip and again this year some reasonable bournonite specimens were dug up, along with the normal suite of minerals we get at Herodsfoot.

Lots of visitors this year – our usual friends from the mineral clubs and other visitors from all around the world. The launder we discovered earlier in the year still has to be fully investigated – we will need to dig out a large area of dump material in order to follow it.

The highlight of the year has to be the smoking chimney – it really was quite a sight to see smoke billowing out of the chimney for the first time in 150 years!  Another job for next year will be to dig out and expose the boiler flue.

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2015.  We look forward to an exciting season at Herodsfoot.


One thought on “2014 Review

  1. Hi, Richard and Frances,
    Merry Christmas to you both, lets hope for a happy and mineral rich New Year.
    From Peter and Valerie . Blowinghouse.

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