A new mineral find for the Herodsfoot suite.

P1060048P1060052P1060050We are coming up to the best time to search over the dumps at Herodsfoot the sun is now sufficiently high and with the lack of leaves on the trees I had a quick look over last years diggings. The exposed material has been washed clean by the winter rains revealing some nice quartz clusters and a reasonable bournonite.

What caught my eye was a large vuggy killas slab. Sparkling sugary quartz and blebs of chalcopyrite.

Unfortunately my close up photography is not too good, inside the vug just to the left of the dolomite crystals is a micro thin flake of native copper around 1mm with a coating of malachite on its front edge. It can be seen with the naked eye!

Native copper has not been recorded at Herodsfoot before, so there is another one to look out for!


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