Forest Holidays Cornwall

Over the years we have had manyP1090222 trespassers on our land from the FOREST HOLIDAYS campsiteP1090223 that abuts our land. On several occasions criminal damage has been caused. Yesterday a table was smashed and the top thrown into the pond. When questioned these morons always give the same answer, ” We thought this was part of Forest Holidays”

For me it is difficult to understand what sort of moron comes to Cornwall on holiday and finds this sort of activity fun. I guess the same ones who throw beer cans and dog poo bags on the footpath.

We have contacted the management many times with our concerns, only for our comments to fall on deaf ears and our concerns ignored.

On Friday I caught 4 people and 3 dogs running free only a few metres from the open mine shaft. What was the reply to my e-mail to Forest Holidays “Nothing I can do try putting up signs” very helpful!!



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