Galena Crow Hill Mine St Stephen

A large and very heavy 6.5kg block of solid Galena. How the miners missed this is a mystery? The only reason I can put forward is they were fooled by a thin deposit of pyrite on the surface and it was discarded as pyrite.

One thought on “Galena Crow Hill Mine St Stephen

  1. Hello Richard,

    It was interesting to see the galena from crowhill mine. I went there donkeys years ago and only found one small piece with some trace of galena and blende. With some very pretty little pyritihedra of pyrite scattered over.
    I have recently purchased a small specimen of rhodonite ex your collection from Greystones wood. Could you give me any details on it. When it was collected, and what part of the dump too since there are three shafts there. I went there many years ago but only found pyrolusite sadly no rhodo ite so I was very pleased to get an example.

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