It is a launder




Digging out the loose rock and dirt that has fallen into the launder.






We will try and pick the launder up on the other side of the collapse.

My impression is that the launder predates the last working of the mine 1840-1880ish.

It was put in to drain a level in the workings in the field above, and was retained but covered sometime in the 1840’s.


Towards the crusher house the roof has collapsed, however there is a branch to the left this also has a collapse, I crawled along and took a couple of shots.




If we can pick the launder up again further west it may lead into the higher levels of the mine. Very exciting!!



























































2 thoughts on “It is a launder

  1. Are you certain the launder was there to drain the level in the field?
    Might it have been associated with ore washing?
    Do you know if there was any ore processing (beyond washing), in
    Herodsfoot, any smelting for instance?

  2. It is an educated guess, the launder is close to old workings of the mine. The water probably was used for ore processing, any signs of dressing floors have long since been covered. The only water available here would have come from the mine. Hence my hunch it could lead to a higher level in the mine. The ground has been built up over the years it is difficult to be exact.
    When the mine reopened in the 1840’s the dressing floors were built close to the river some two hundred metres from this feature.

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